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Assignment #10: How can we advance the common good?


November 2020

Sarah Kastelic, an indigenous Kodiak Alutiiq woman living in what today is the United States, asked in a 2018  essay: "Who should define the common good?"   


From the survey we did a few weeks ago, it seemed as if we had very different views on what the common good is.   Kastelic feels that world views of individual communities can contribute to encouraging behaviors and systems that are for the “advantage of everyone.”  


If you could make a list and had NO MORE THAN 100 words, what would need to SPECIFICALLY happen in a society to encourage behavior and systems that advance the common good—something that would be for the “advantage of everyone”?   Please share anything that you have witnessed or has happened in your society—no matter how big or small--that demonstrates that advancing the common good is possible.

To read what students, now writing in four large groups, thought about this question, use the button below.

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