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Our discussions

Over the course of a school year, the participants in the Civic Obligation + Responsibility Initiative will wrestle with essential questions in order to define our perspectives on what constitutes the common good and how specific civic obligations and responsibilities might enable us to advance that common good.  They will do this through three phases, in which they will interact with one another both asynchronously and, finally, synchronously, to develop and refine their views on these topics and propose collaborative projects that enable them to advance their ideas.   

In PHASE 1  (October 2020 through January 2021), students were matched with another student to communicate 1:1 via e-mail or What’s App.   Students began to converse via a series of Tablets, weighed in about life during the pandemic,  participated in a global study about fear, and began to learn more about how they individually see questions surrounding civic obligation and responsibilities as well as defining the common good.   

Phase II

In PHASE 2 (late February through early April 2021), students will communicate via asynchronous discussion boards, powered by the Narrative Atlas platform, on a variety of topics related to how to advance global perceptions of civic responsibility and obligation.  


In the final phase, PHASE 3 (March through May 2021), students will participate as classes in multi-class online visual/spoken communication (via Zoom) .   The students would be divided into smaller groups to propose and plan action projects to bring some of their ideas about civic responsibility and obligation to fruition. 

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