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Assignment #9: What can be done to get people more civically engaged with their governments/politics, either through voting or via other means?


November 2020

The United States now finds itself one week after an anxiety-producing, polarizing election.   Approximately 239 million people in the USA were eligible to vote but approximately 160 million people (from what we know right now) actually voted.   That’s 66.9% of the voters in the country.   That’s the highest percentage of voter turnout since the year 1900.  


What happened to the other 33.1%?


Our focus is not simply the United States.   Myanmar had an election this week too! 


But the question of all of you throughout the globe is:


Why doesn’t everyone vote?  What would get them to care enough to vote and/or participate in elections?  And what would get them to run for office and engage actively in politics?

To read what students globally (divided into eight groups) had to say in response to these questions, please use the button below.

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